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Sydney Symphony

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 27, 2008

We went to Sydney to the Opera House to see Emmanuel Ax play Mozart. Wow, what a place. The Opera House has several venues. The concert hall isn’t the biggest but it is BIG. We had some unusual seats – right behind the orchestra. I’ve never been in an orchestra so it was treat for me to watch the conductor straight on. I could see his facial expressions, the movement of his eyes and the sweat on his forehead. The conductor, Robin Ticciati, was very young (in his twenties), handsome and energentic. The baton flickered in his hand like a magic wand. During a piece by Meale two brass horn players were holding back the giggles -so funny to see two grown men trying not to laugh.

We were with the Moore’s on this trip. We dropped the dogs at a really nice kennel in Queanbeyan just outside Canberra on Saturday morning. The drive to Sydney isn’t too long especially when someone else is driving. After we dropped our bags at the hotel in Sydney, we headed out to explore the area. There was really great street market – I need to go there again. After spending the afternoon exploring the area we went back to the hotel before going out to dinner and then to the Opera House. It was a fun evening.


The next day after breakfast we took the ferry to Manly Beach. It was a bit cold and windy but you could see what a great place it would be in the summer. (Remember it’s the middle of winter here). Fergus and I decided to go to Darling Harbour to see the replica ship HMB Endeavour.  Pat and Britt had been there before so they hung out around Manly. Some of the houses around the harbour are magnificient – if we win the lottery this is were we would live. It’s like San Francisco, New York and London all rolled into one, only the climate is like San Diego and the landscape hilly not flat – outstanding!!!

The Endeavor is the ship that Captain James Cook sailed. It is worth reading about Cook’s unbelievable voyages. I am currently reading a book – ” Farther Than Any Man – The Rise and Fall of Captain Cook” by Martin Dugard. And I about a month ago Pat Moore loaned me a book called “Into the Blue: Boldly Going Where Captain Cook has Gone Before” by Tony Horwitz. It’s an interesting book because the author visits the important places that Cook explored. He also sails on the replica ship and describes the ship as it was in Cook’s time.The ship carried over a hundred people.

The replica does voyages along the Australian coast and in the hull they have a modern kitchen, toilets and showers and diesel engines as required by law, and sails with about half the number of people. The living quarters in places are only four foot tall – Cook was over 6″ tall. It is hard to believe that these men travelled in those conditions for months at a time without a break. We had a short visit to the nearby Australian Maritime Museum before heading back to the hotel and then dinner.







On Monday morning we checked out of the hotel, a light breakfast and then we were on the road back to Canberra.


On the way back we stopped in a little village cafe for sandwiches for a picnic at the Encarpment. I’ve included some pictures so that you can see how beautiful that area is. We had a wonderful weekend.


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