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Do you Zoo?

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 25, 2008

We, as a rule, don’t like to go to zoos. We hate to see animals in cages. But we found ourselves letting a glorious day slip away from us and decided to do some local animal watching. Fergus hadn’t been to the Botanic Garden so we went over there for a late lunch and some bird watching. I found a new bird to check off in my Australian Bird book – I’ve spotted 24 different birds in this month.

We then drove over to the zoo and aquarium. The aquarium is more like huge fish tanks rather than a Sea World or Monterey Bay Aquarium. There were some amazing fish: colorful, large and scarey. They also had some tanks with reptiles but I’m not that interested in snakes and such.

The rest of the zoo was okay. Again it’s hard not to compare the setting once one has been to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We enjoyed seeing the Australian animals up close: little penguins, kangaroos, emus, wombat and dingos. The zoo also has bears, monkeys, lions and tigers. We were fascinated mostly by the giraffes. The observation deck at the giraffe enclosure puts you eye to eye with the giraffes and only feet away from their faces. They have the most beautiful eyes with eye lashes “to die for”.

Zoos provide an important function, besides giving us an opportunity to see animals that we might never have the chance to see live they can teach us about the need for the protection of these animals. I learned that of the eight species of tigers, only four continue to exist in the wild.  It is so sad to know that they only way that these wild animals might be able to exist is in a zoo somewhere thousands of miles from their nature environment.

I was looking for photos to add to this blog but alas we only took a few at the Botanic Garddens and none at the zoo.  Look for the next installment- Sydney!


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