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Wild Australians

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 1, 2008

No Kelly, I’m not talking about those Aussie hunks, I mean real WILD ANIMALS!!! We went to TidbinbillaTwo emus Nature Reserve yesterday with Pat and Britt Moore. We saw mobs (yes that’s what a group of kangaroos are called) of roos, amazing birds, two real koalas but sadly no platypus (at least not this trip). It was probably one of the best days we’ve spent here so far.

The Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is miles and miles of hills and valleys protected for the native vegetation and animals. It’s only 30 minutes from Canberra. Now the reserve is not really the wild because some of the areas are fenced to keep “predator” animals out. There are pathways for easy walking and specially designed wetland areas to attract some amazing birds.

Our first encounter was two emus grazing along the side of the road. They are so big maybe three to four feet tall, I’ll have to research that, but they were big. The funny thing is that as they started to walk away from me they made these cute little grunting noise more like a pig’s snort rather than a bird sound.

Koalas are difficult to see. They are almost the same color as the tree bark and they sit in the crook of the branch in the tallest of trees hidden by the leaves of the eucalyptus. They hardly move so you need really look hard. Britt and I tended to do more talking than looking so our fearless koala hunters pointed them out to us. I got a couple of good pictures – by luck I must admit. Koala in a tree.

Koala hunters!









Black swan familyWe came across a Australian Black Swan family – a nesting mom with a newly hatched baby and an egg waiting to pop any minute. The male swan was  doing a little home maintenance by adding reeds to the sides of the nest – very cool!

In the nest




We saw a two huge pelicans and a heron – so beautiful but the pictures we took didn’t come out. We also saw many unusual ducks – some with blue bills and one with a black waddle.


We wanted to see a platypus – the lady in the visits center said quite a few had been seen in the past couple of days but we never found the right pond – we will be back. I just finished reading an interesting historical novel called “Love and the Platypus” about the man who went to Australia in the 1800’s to determine if platypus laid eggs or had live births. Having finished the novel the night before really peaked my interest to see this awesome animal in a natural environment.

We ended this beautiful afternoon picnicking on top of ridge as the sun moved behind the far hills. In the Britt, Anne, and the roos.valley below we could see kangaroos grazing. We walked in a large meadow where they were feeding – at one point I counted fifteen kangaroos of various sizes. Britt and I walked as close to them as they would allow us. They were curious about us but they didn’t try to approach us.

I could see their eyes and the twitch of their ears. Their short arms (or are they called paws?) pulled at the grass as they balanced on their rear legs and long tail. They are truely an amazing animal to see. I am truly “Not in Kansas any more” but in the land of Oz.


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