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Flora and Fauna

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 17, 2008

I haven’t written for a while – sorry. It’s probably because we have been getting settled into the house and a routine which can be very boring. I have done some fun things between the normal grocery shopping and house maintenance. Britt Moore and I went to the Australian National Botanic Gardens just a few blocks walk from the house. It is unusual in that it has areas devoted to natural fauna of the various Australian regions – which includes a rainforest and an interesting rock garden.Wallaby

Our walk was more social rather than educational since we didn’t read all the informational signs along the path We came across a cute little wallaby munching on a plant and he was not frightened at all so I got lots of pictures of him. We were so close I didn’t need to zoom in too much. Wallaby on our walk.

Too cute!!!There is a great gift shop. I am finding that the best places to buy Australian merchandise is in these shops rather than in the stores – not that I have gotten much stuff but the quality and the variety is much better.

There is also a nice cafe on the premises. We had a snack and coffee. I tell you the coffee in Australia is great. A latte with no-form which is the way I like it, is called a flat white. I had to finally ask someone what a flat white was to figure it out. Starbucks is everywhere but it isn’t any better or worse than any of the little coffee shops you find everywhere around here. 

Outside our kitchen window is a bird feeder. We have enjoyed watching the wide range of birds that have been feasting. There have been the usual pigeons (some with crown feathers and the regular ones), sparrows – I wasn’t sure if there where any here but there are – and then the colorful ones. One morning we saw nine Sulfur-crested cockatoos all around the feeder. Here are just a few pictures of some that we have seen.


Pretty bird.

Cockatoos at the feeder.Where\'s your pirate?


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