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Meet the Moores

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 1, 2008

Britt and Pat Moore are a couple from Ashland, Oregon who are over here like us. Pat is an Emergency Doctor working with Fergus. They are only staying for six months and are half way through their assignment. We went out to dinner with them last week at a great Japanese restaurant. They have been very helpful regarding the job logistics, suggestions for places to visit outside of Canberra and good places to eat in Canberra.

On Tuesday Britt and I met for lunch at a nice cafe with sidewalk seating. The morning was rather brisk (it’s Fall remember) but we sat in the sun and it was nice.  I had the dogs in the car because we had driven Fergus to work that morning so after lunch she and I walked the kids to the top of Red Hill. What beautiful views in all directions. Red Hill happens to be the area where I saw the kangaroos a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t see any on this day however.

I hope you’ve all had a chance to log onto google earth and take a look at the area. We are in Turner just west of City Centre. The next entry will be pictures of the house and yard. I’ll tell you more about it in that episode.


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