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ANZAC – AL Day!!

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on April 27, 2008

Two happy girls!We picked up the kiReleased from AQIS on ANZAC Day!!ds on April 25 – ANZAC DAY – Australian Memorial Day – and it became AL Day – Airedale Liberation Day!! They were so cute. Sue Forrester’s gift of Aussie flag bandannas were a hit. The kids did really well on the  2 1/2 trip back to Canberra. Bean Sidhe loved looking out the window and watching this new world pass by, Cooper just took a nap.

When we got to the house we let them roam around getting familiar with the surroundings. They aren’t use to fences at our home in Kansas but after being penned up for 30 days I’m sure the yard looked enormous to them. Cooper wouldn’t let Fergus out of his sight but Bean Sidhe was more interested in communicating with her new doggie neighbor on the other side of the fence.

After a short rest we headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. There are lots of parks and green-ways so we didn’t have to walk on the streets very much. There were so many scents and BS had to check them out, and so many bushes, Coop had to leave his calling card on each one so we didn’t get very far.

It wasn’t long before we managed to find ourselves at the pub where the sidewalk was over flowing with ANZAC Day celebrators. Our two guys were an attraction for many of them. We had a beer before heading back to the house. We all slept well that night being all back together again, finally!

Together again!!!The crowd celebrating AL...I mean ANZAC Day.

This is the one day of the year that people can drink and play a dice game in the streets. We couldn’t get close enough to see what they were doing. I’ll find out more about this and report back.


2 Responses to “ANZAC – AL Day!!”

  1. awalkabout said

    Aww. My grandmother always had Airedales–very good dogs!

  2. Misty said

    I am very glad you have your dogs with you again. I just got back from the Inge festival. It was very good but I think it must have worn me out because i am tired. Auditions will be Tuesday and Wed. I think it will be a good season. I’m not sure that you would know any of the shows. Storme was here to watch my dogs while I was in Independence and she just left for Kansas City. Only about 4 weeks left of school. With Cowley turning into the Wichita Area Technical College everything is up in the air so I don’t know if I will have any classes this summer or not. There are three possible porductions of Trixe pending. I must stop now and do homework. Misty

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