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The Blue Mountains

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on April 17, 2008

After seeing the kids at AQIS (see Aussie Airedales entry) we headed west to the Blue Mountains. It was an easy and uneventful ride up to Katoomba the town where we booked a B&B for two nights. The Blues Mountains are breathtaking – the pictures don’t do them justice. The one thing you don’t get from the pics is the wonderful eucalyptus smell that permeates the air. The “Blue” comes from the vaporization off the trees leaves.

The Three Sisters has an aborginal tale about it – three sister were in love with three brothers from another tribe but were forbidden to marry. The brothers were going to capture them but a Kuradjuri (clever man) turned them to stone with the intention of releasing the spell once the battle was over. well unfortunately he died in battle and no one has been able to break the spell.




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