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Discovering Sydney

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on April 9, 2008

On Thursday we flew up to Sydney to see the “kids” in quarentine. An hour flight ended up taking three because of delays and “weather” the latest acceptible excuse for why the plane had to circle the airport for over an hour. Then the hour train ride to the quarentine station. We were frazzled again by the time we got there. The kids are doing fine – Cooper seems to losing weight and Bean Sidhe is finally on an antibiotic for her urinary tract infection. They were glad to see us but I’m sure these visits are harder on us. When it’s time to go it’s very hard to leave them behind.

We took the train back into Sydney. The Bed and Breakfast – The Old Rectory – left a lot to be desired. It was actually in a building that had once been a rectory for the church but it wasn’t as quaint as B&B’s in England are. No hot cooked breakfast by some little old lady who loves to chat – only cold cereal you fixed for yourself – you even had to wash your own dishes. We walked to a local Irish pub and had a beer and some pub food and called it a night.

Next morning we were up and at it – a city train ride into the heart of downtown Sydney. We walked from Circular Quay (pronounced Key), where the ferries dock, to the area called The Rocks where the jails were for the convicts that were shipped to Australia when it was a coloney. The buildings are brick and the streets are narrow. Now the area is all cafes and shops, all very posh.

The Sydney Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are all within walking distance. The Opera House is such an iconic image of Australia but when you see it in person it is AMAZINGLY beautiful and awesome! Next trip we will try to see a performace there. They have several venues within the complex including a playhouse.

We took a ferry to Darling Harbour. The weather was perfect, sunny, not too hot, little wind. We went to the Wild Aminal exhibit – a few too many creepy crawly things for my tastes but they did have wallabys and koalas, and beautiful butterfly and bird avaries. We spent most of the day exploring Sydney and didn’t even begin to see all there is. We will be back.

The next morning we took the Countrylink train to Canberra. It was like flying first class, large comfortable seats, diner car with snacks, lots of leg room and best of all NO TIME DELAYS due to weather. We may take the train up to Sydney next trip since it was so nice.  Sydney is like San Francisco, New York and London all rolled up in one, the bays, the tall buildings and the old world feel – yet is modern and vibrant!!  There will be more pictures once I figure out how to download the pics from Fergus’ camera. I’ve been working on it for over an hour. I got them onto the computer but can’t seem to get them to the blog. Oh well, another technological challenge for another day.



One Response to “Discovering Sydney”

  1. Kelly said

    Noticed you had a.m. meal and one p.m. meal. Don’t let all that hard work go down the tubes. Keep eating throughout the day like i taught you. Wish i was there.

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