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House Hunting

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on April 3, 2008

Fergus started work this week and I started the tough job of finding a house. They do things very differently here. You have to find a house in the Saturday newspaper or on some online sites. They have “viewings” like our open houses on a scheduledday for 15 MINUTES. I was at one house and in 10 minutes 5 women came thru the house, two had applications in hand, and one was begging the Realtor to give her until Monday since her husband was out of town until then. The topper is that the house was a dump. I was very discouraged.

We definitely need to reexamine our housing budget.

I did see one house that I really liked. I walked to where the “viewing” was to take place but since I didn’t really have an idea how far away it was I ended up getting there really early (three hours) I was going to just walk by and if I liked the looks I was going to hang out until it was time. well the owners came out and invited me in, showed me around, offered me a cup of tea. They have two dogs and would consider pets (a problem with most rentals I am finding). They were delightful, Norma and Bob. They are retired educators, he a high school principal and she an elementary school teacher. They are moving to Melbourne at the end of April. I loved their house. The backyard adjoins a golf course. All the windows face open rolling hills. This time of the year (autumn) it looks a lot like the San Ramon Valley for those of you who live in Northern California – rolling golden hills with groves of trees – oak and eucalyptus.

They want me to bring Fergus back – “even if we aren’t interested in the house”.

Yesterday I looked at rental furniture. Now that’s more hopeful! Today we go to Sydney. Watch for the next installment – Exploring Sydney!


One Response to “House Hunting”

  1. Siobhan said

    Well Anne, if you’re really serious about the house maybe you shouldn’t bring Fergus back !!! JK Don’t tell Norma & Bob that your husband didn’t even know that most people do bring their own bags to the grocery store and that in Europe they charge you extra for the plastic bags!! Good luc, I know you’ll find something nice. Don’t settle, keep looking. -S

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